Dog Friendly Beach: Formby


Millie and Archie here!


There are so many great beaches in the UK, but they aren’t that many which allow unrestricted access for dogs, which is why today we wanted to share with you our day out a Formby Beach in Liverpool. This is a National Trust site, and it also houses one of the few Red Squirrel sanctuaries in England! -M




Anyway… (thanks for the distraction Archie): We started the day by parking up fairly near to the beach, and we met our Sister (Ginger Fox) there as she came in a separate car to us. We were super excited from the moment we stepped out of the car, and all we wanted to do was get to the water and play! -M



After climbing the sand dunes, we came to this sight. This is a dog friendly place and we have lots of other doggies to play with if we want to! It’s a huge beach and the sand feels so soft underneath our paws. -M

The humans were being too slow so we both ran ahead into the water- we knew they’d catch up eventually. -A



Dad played with us for over an hour and we were exhausted, but we could have stayed in the water all day if we were allowed to! I lost my voice from so much barking though, but how else am I supposed to get everyone’s attention?  – A


Once we had left the beach we came to the lifeboat stop and travelled in-land over fields and into the woods. We came to the Red Squirrel Sanctuary but unfortunately there weren’t any around 😦 -A

This beach is a perfect place for dogs because we can go anywhere, and as long as we are on a lead we can even go into the Red Squirrel Walk which we think is pretty great!






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