Dog Friendly Pub- The Bird I’th Hand


Happy New Years Eve!

Today we wanted to talk to you about a new refurbishment in our local area, Urmston. It’s actually the only local pub we have which is completely DOG FRIENDLY!

Yes, it’s The Bird I’th Hand

If you live in or around the Manchester area, you’ll know that it can be pretty hard to find a pub which is completely dog friendly. We’ve lived in this area all of our lives and this is the first time we have been able to actually sit in the pub and have a pint! (Only joking, it’s our 2 legged pets who have the beer)


Did you know that Heineken actually paid for the refurbishment of this pub?



We also brought along our furry cousins, Gemma and Maisie, to get their take on the place!


And if you don’t fancy sitting inside the pub itself, they also have a great little outdoor beer garden to enjoy!


We really enjoyed our trip tp this pub, and it will probably become a regular spot for us in the coming years! Located only 10 minutes away from Urmston Town Centre, and from Chassen Park, it’s the perfect place to go after a long walk!

We’d love to know if you have visited this pub, and what you thought. Let us know in the comments!

Lots of Woofs,

Archie and Millie ­čÖé

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