A New Era

Last week we said our final goodbyes to Archie. He was 14 years old and he lived the most incredible life with his brother Harry and sister Millie. He rode on his first boat at the age of 13 weeks, went on countless holidays all over the country with his siblings and visited many, many pubs.

Archie was the reason that we ended up with three dogs in the first place. As a puppy he was very playful and we knew he needed a friend to keep him occupied- and then he met Harry and they fell in love like brothers instantly. A few years later we encountered a springer called Millie who needed a new home because her owner could no longer keep her- and it was because of Archie that he contacted us. He was the reason for so many of the amazing things in our life and was even the reason we rescued our new girl, Ellie.

All three of our babies are now finally together, and of course Ellie is left here to start her own adventures with us over the course of her life.

As a fitting tribute to Archie, we feel that it is the right thing for us to give another dog the chance of having an amazing life just as he did. In the next few days we will be introducing you to the new addition to our family. He is a lovely boy who needed a chance at a better life, and because of Archie we are giving it to him. We are sure that he and Ellie will have amazing adventures just as our three amigos did during their lifetime.

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